Outreach and Education Coordinator

Position: Outreach and Education Coordinator

Description: The Outreach & Education Coordinator (O&EC) works under the supervision of the Executive Director and manages a small staff; currently one full-time environmental educator, one full-time communications specialist, and three seasonal instructors.

This individual is responsible for developing and distributing educational information across media types and tracking the effectiveness of campaigns. The O&EC is a strong communicator who is knowledgeable about watersheds. The O&EC builds a network of diverse individuals and organizations that understand the importance of the Inland Bays and advocate for their restoration. They inspire the public and decision-makers to make choices that improve the Inland Bays; to instill in stakeholders, teachers, and students an environmental awareness; to promote watershed education in the school system; to produce all forms of educational media, programs, and seminars in cooperation with other non-profits, state agencies, communities, and institutes of higher education. The O&EC creates a vibrant media presence through the Center’s own media, and through maintaining positive relationships with local and regional media outlets.

For additional information and to apply, please visit: https://www.inlandbays.org/about/employment/

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