Dedication of New Sacristy/Chapel at Saint Peter's

February 13th, 2018 - 7:00 pm
Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lewes is excited to announce that the Rt. Rev. Kevin S. Brown, Bishop of Delaware, will dedicate its newly renovated Sacristy/Chapel in honor of Absalom Jones on Tuesday, February 13, at 7 p.m.  Saint Peter’s was founded in 1681, when a fledgling worshipping community here in Lewes wrote to London to request a clergyperson to serve its congregation.  London was the home of the Society of the Propagation of the Gospel in foreign parts (SPG), an Anglican program that provided ministers and resources to colonial congregations in the British Empire.  The plantation was mostly worked by slaves.  While SPG did not, at that time, object to the morality of slavery, they did believe they had a Christian duty to care for them spiritually.  They stipulated that all of their clergy should baptize any and all slaves, including infants.
Included in the confines of the congregation at that time was a chapel of ease in what is now called Milford.  It is there that Absalom Jones was born in 1746 and since this area was being ministered to by The Reverend Upshaw, from SPG, it is likely that Absalom was baptized by him.  While a school has been named in Absalom Jones’ honor, to our knowledge, no church or chapel in Delaware bears his name.  Naming St. Peter’s Chapel seems fitting, given our history with Delaware’s only recognized Saint.  
He is listed on the Episcopal calendar of saints and remembered liturgically on the date of his death, February 13, in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer as "Absalom Jones, Priest, 1818".  All are welcome to attend this special dedication service.  
For additional information, please contact Lorri Camilleri, 302-645-8479 ext. 202 or [email protected].

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