BLACKBERRY (The Rise and Fall) Opening at the Cinema Art Theater in Lewes

May 27th, 2023 - 2:00 pm

BLACKBERRY (The Rise and Fall) Opening at the Cinema Art Theater in Lewes

Opening May 12, the Rehoboth Beach Film Society’s Cinema Art Theater presents BlackBerry, a Canadian biopic comedy film about the history of a line of mobile phones.

The film tells the true story of Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, the two men that charted the course of the spectacular rise and catastrophic demise of the world's first smartphone, the Blackberry. It’s a whirlwind ride at breakneck speeds through a ruthlessly competitive Silicon Valley [2023, Canada, 119 min, Rating: R]

Brain Ondof of comments, “Listed as a “fictionalization” of the company’s rise and fall, but there are universal truths about human behavior to savor in this engrossing endeavor.” Chris Brumbray of JoBio’s Movie Network, pens, “Up there with The Social Network as one of the best tech-based biopics of our era. Top notch cast and direction.”

Screening times are  2 pm on Sat (May 27) and 6 pm on Thu (Jun 1). Admission is $9 for members, $11.50 for general audiences and $5 for students. Purchase advance tickets online at or at the Cinema Art Theater box office in Lewes. 

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